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My Favorite Purple Shampoo

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

I want to introduce you to amika products! The reason why I love these products are because they are sulfate free, color safe, mineral oil free, animal cruelty free, and paraben free. The name means "friend" in the language of Esperanto. Their products smell really good too!

Their purple shampoo and conditioner is my favorite above all others because it just gives the right amount of toning without over doing it. It also didn't make my hair feel dry like other purple shampoos. The best part if that you will notice a difference after the first use. In the salon I use this shampoo on all my blonde clients who wants a cooler tone to their blondes. I had been using this one for 6 months on my own hair and I have to say that I love it enough to recommend it to you!

How do you know if your hair need purple shampoo?

Well, if your blondes have yellow tones in them then the purple shampoo will help make it look more icy or ashy. If your hair has more orange tones the I don't recommend it for you because purple does not cancel out orange on the color wheel. Always consult with a professional stylist to see which products you need to maintain your hair color at home.

Below is a photo of when I used to have blonde hair and you can see what purple shampoo did for me.

The first picture was when I went to Hawaii and I didn't take my purple shampoo with me so it got brassy from the ocean water and the second picture is after I used the purple shampoo and styled my hair. The lighting in both pictures were not the same but in person I could tell the difference.

Get your shampoo and conditioner here!


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