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Cancelation and Late Policy

- I kindly ask that any changes + cancellations are made 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

- Cancellations 24 hours or less are considered late and you can not get a refund of your deposit. 

- If you NO SHOW your appointment you can not get a refund of your deposit.

- Your deposit can not be used towards future appointments if you noshowed or cancel late.

- Out of respect for my guests and services for clients arriving more than fifteen minutes late, your appointment + services will be modified or rescheduled.

- I reserve the right to cancel or modify your services as needed to stay on time for all following appointments.

- All guests who cancel within the 24 hour cancellation or whom "no call / no show" to any appointment, are more than 15 minutes late + can't be seen due to limited time.

- I require a deposit for all service and appointments. 

- If you are a returning guest and payment becomes an issue for an upcoming appointment (!) Please contact me directly by phone or email to discuss this. I do have other options for you besides canceling!

R E F U N D  |   E X C H A N G E  |   R E D O 

- All service adjustments must be discussed + scheduled within the first 7 days of initial appointment or additional charges may be applied.

- Products can not be refunded at all due to Covid Safety and contamination concerns. 

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